Short sales and avoiding foreclosure

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How Competitive is Your Game?

I just returned from a visit to my home town in the Adirondacks in Upstate New York. (I’m talking about the REAL “upstate” New York … not the area that’s about 50 miles north of New York City. ) While I was there, I decided to take a trip over to Mt. Van Hoevenberg, toContinue Reading

Four Ways to Guarantee An Ineffective Webinar

I just sat through my sixth webinar this month. I would give all of them at least a B+ for content, and two probably deserve an A. That said, they all kind of sucked in a way, leaving us with the obvious question:   If they had such great content, how could they not be great?Continue Reading

Making Lemonade Out of Missing Bourbon

Thanks for Nothing! I arrived home on Tuesday of this week to find the following tube package in the mailbox addressed to my oldest son (who I assure you has been of legal drinking age for at least a couple of years). It was from a premium bourbon producer, Knob Creek. I don’t know whereContinue Reading

Inbound Marketing University – 5 Reasons I Liked It

Image via Wikipedia A couple of weeks ago my TweetDeck popped up a Tweet from someone I was following, telling me there was to be an “Inbound Marketing University” offered by HubSpot, from here in the Boston area. While I have more than my fair share of free webinars to attend, the word “University” caughtContinue Reading