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Making Lemonade Out of Missing Bourbon

Thanks for Nothing!

I arrived home on Tuesday of this week to find the following tube package in the mailbox addressed to my oldest son (who I assure you has been of legal drinking age for at least a couple of years). It was from a premium bourbon producer, Knob Creek.


I don’t know where he acquired his taste for top-of-the-line bourbon (hahhh!) but I did know that he has used rebate certificates before from the New Hampshire State Liquor store to help minimize the cost of this particular indulgence from time to time.

Even given that, I could not imagine what the tube contained or why it was being sent. Surely it was some type of promotion, but the words “Thanks for nothing” just didn’t seem to fit a typical promotion. I could hardly wait until he got home to learn what was inside.

So what was inside?

Inside was an apologetic note from the distillers of Knob Creek, indicating that they had RUN OUT OF BOURBON!

What? Yes, boys and girls it is true. The accompanying letter read:

“For the first time ever, we’ve actually run out of Knob Creek.

Because you and your fellow Stillhouse members have done such a great job sharing your love of Knob Creek and spreading the word far and wide, consumer demand for our bourbon has finally outstripped our current supply. And we’ve got nothing left to bottle until November. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thanks for nothing.

Of course, we could bottle the next batch a little early to make up for the shortage, but we believe Knob Creek must be aged a full 9 years in order to reach its true potential. So we’re just going to wait it out. If you happen to experience a shortage where you live, just remember that everything will be back to normal this November.”

I suppose you could say that this was some kind of a stunt. But since our local liquor store only has a few small bottles as of today, I don’t think so.

What impresses me is that the company not only refused to sacrifice quality, they bothered to send the mailing tube (containing a T-shirt which said something like: “I survived the Knob Creek shortage of 2009″) to my son – who probably buys only 1 or 2 bottles of the stuff a year … I think … because he became a member of their “Stillhouse” club. Never mind that the T-shirt was a Large and he can’t fit into anything smaller than an XL Tall. He’ll give that to his younger brother who will undoubtedly think it is really cool. It was the thought that counts.

How many of us would admit to such a significant shortcoming with as much class and flair?


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